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  • Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa was the location of our wedding reception on Valentine's Day.

    Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa is located at:
    1220 Arden Hills Lane
    Sacramento, CA 95864

    The Terrace View room at Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa was set up for appetizer hour in a lounge style. Including having two stations for kids - one Rock Band and one Wii game station.

  • The Gold Room at Arden Hills was full for more wonderful floral designs...lamps made out of my favorite little green flowers (some one please tell me the name of these little guys?!) and more pink orchids. Gotta love wedding reception photos that are in greens and pinks - my own wedding colors. These creations were the work of Shari Van Derheydt of Signature Design. Read about the flowers she did for the ceremony!

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall...tell me how much do I love this cake!?!?! Seriously the little balls on it were right up my alley. We seriously went overboard photographing this sweet thing. Freeport Bakery made this wonderful creation!

  • Hip Service was just plain awesome. It's a 13 person band/ensemble. And every song they sang had the crowd in arms on the dance floor! Hip Service is located in Sacramento and sings rhythm and blues classics. I love when we get to photograph live bands at weddings....something about the lights and action that make the reception so lively!

    What a wonderful end to a great Valentine's Day wedding.

  • Neumann did Valet parking and Transportation. Neil Glass and Alicia from Arden Hills along with Chef Obidah did an outstanding job. Everything was wonderful!

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  • The Memory Journalists photographed a wedding on Valentine's Day this year right here in Sacramento. Cory and I celebrated Valentine's Day a bit early so that we could spend all day with our wonderful clients. It was really a great Valentine Day! I wanted to share with you the wonderful work of Shari Van Derheydt of Signature Design. Shari Van Derheydt of Signature Design can be reached at 916-224-4125.

    As soon as Kelly and I walked up to the house, where the wedding ceremony was taking place, we knew we were heaven. The floral decor was just amazing!! Another Sacramento wedding where the weather just happened to be perfect at all the right times. ;-)

  • And inside the house we snapped away. Photographing weddings is more than just photographing people. It's about capturing all the elements of the entire wedding day....the detail photographs are just as important.

  • I just loved the use of grass and orchids. And hello pink! Any Sacramento photographer would have loved it, but even more so when you're a girl who loves flowers.

  • Getting ready photographs were fun and the use of the yellow bedroom was phenomenal. It matched their rings! and the bouquets!

  • The bride's and maid of honor's bouquets, and the groom's boutonniere. Seriously it smelled so good.

    Look for Part 2 of the reception details soon.

  • Shari Van Derheydt of Signature Design can be reached at 916-224-4125.

    Pulp Papery did the invitations for this wedding and The Calligraphy Girl did all the calligraphy work. Both were wonderful choices!

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  • I promised months ago to introduce you all to Rocco. Rocco is a baby Boston Terrier. He is my dear friend, Jasmine's lil dog and I just love him. I've always wanted one but my hubby won't let me have another dog. A Boston Terrier is like a mini Boxer in a tuxedo. He's full of energy and wears everybody out when we have playdates. Rocco, Chloe and Tiberius are all great friends. I've been practicing making storyboards in photoshop and thought I'd share this one with you.

  • I babysat Rocco this weekend. He wore Ty out. Ty would try to catch some zzz's on his corner of the couch but Rocco just wouldn't have it. They're so cute together!

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  • Jennifer, Jasmine and I attended the AFWPI Awards Gala earlier this month. I just found these photos on my camera. We met Wendy from Real Weddings to catch up before the event. We had our waitress snap a quick pic of all of us since everyone was all dressed up. Plus, we loved that we had one of each hair color in the group. Awww......so cute!

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  • My husband and I have a tradition to NOT give Valentine's Day gifts to each other. Don't get me wrong, we still cheese it up and pay too much for a nice dinner out every year but we usually just give each other cards. This year, Matt surprised me with a present and he couldn't wait to give it to me. HINT: I wear it on my hands but it is NOT jewelery.....

  • I was so excited when he busted out my new Everlast boxing gloves. My old gloves were so worn out, falling apart and not very good to begin with. My new ones rock! They're super snug and keep my fist in a tight ball naturally which makes me hit harder... Yay! Thanks, baby! Love my new gloves.

    On a sidenote, we had an amazing dinner at Taylor's Kitchen. I snapped a quick photo of us when we got home just to prove to you all, I don't only take pictures of dogs.

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