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  • Chris over at Big Bang Event Design is one of our favorite florists to work with in the industry. He was in charge of the Vineyard patio decor for the recent Wine and Roses Decadent Affair. He too had a table in the main ballroom and showcased this wonderful tablescape.

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • The red against the use of the green in this next arrangement really stood out. Very unique.

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • Inside the Vineyard Patio, which was tented for the Decadent Affair, Chris created a wonderful fall/winter feeling with the use of branches and natural wood tones. I know Chris wanted me to wait for the candles to be lit to take photos, but I couldn't help myself - I just had to snap these few before guests arrived.

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • Can you say...Magnificent?!!

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • I've never seen a backdrop quite like he designed here. It was truly spectacular!

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • Sacramento Big Bang Event Design

  • You can reach Chris of Big Bang Event Design at:
    2331 S Street
    Sacramento, California 95816

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  • This was a fun movie, but definitely a copy-cat of Coyote Ugly. The best parts were listening to Christina perform. I really enjoyed the music and the dancing was fun. The plot was typical Iowa girl goes to big city to be a star. Just light hearted fun with a happy ending.

  • Movie Review Burlesque

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  • Lisa, of Blossoms by Lisa, was in charge of the floral centerpieces of the Cellar room and patio at the recent Wine and Roses Decadent Affair. What I love that she did was show how she went from a storyboard of color swatches and ideas (aka an inspiration board) to the final tablescape.

  • Stockton florist - Blossoms by Lisa

  • I would totally suggest that all brides create such a storyboard and work with your florist to have your ideas become reality and create the look that you have always envisioned for your wedding day.

  • Stockton florist - Blossoms by Lisa

  • Inside the main ballroom, Lisa had a table with a few bouquets on display.

  • Stockton florist - Blossoms by Lisa

  • I think I could just stare at these flowers all day.

  • Stockton florist - Blossoms by Lisa

  • Lisa of Blossoms by Lisa can be reached at:

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  • Tiffany is a new member to the Memory Journalists team and we wanted to give you an introduction.

    I LOVE to EAT OUT!! It is an expensive weekly habit I have.

    I also have a passion for cooking! Pretty much anything! My background is Italian and I love preparing my Grandma's amazing Italian recipes and giving my girls the chance to have such great food that they too will enjoy and have great childhood memories associated with cooking with Mom!

    I am addicted to shopping for my girls. They have sooooo many clothes and about 25 pairs of shoes or more-each!

    I can not go into Target for 1 thing! I literally have to tell myself to not look around!! It sucks! I need some of those horsey blinders when I go in there!

    I crave chocolate daily!

    I love hanging out and having coffee dates with friends!

    Family time is the best time!

    I love when it's Saturday and I have nothing to do but hang out around the house with the family.

    I love backyard BBQ's!

    4th of July rocks in the court where I live!

    I love walking my dogs!

    I love Spring time!

    I love 'ah ha' moments.

    I am always cleaning! My house must be straightened and tidied up all the time. We always have drop-ins, so thank goodness I'm obsessed and it's usually clean!

    I love funny movies!

    I love being pampered at spa days with my friends!

    I love getting my pedicures and facials!

    I love watching American Idol! Mostly because I love music and the contestants are amazing this year!

    I admire humanitarian people.

    My favorite vacation spot is Lake Tahoe.

    I love my mom! She is my rock!

    I love Lakeside church.

    I love going to Apple Hill in September because it is not as crowded.

    I love taking my girls to see the Nutcracker with my sister and cousins in December.

    Most importantly, I am grateful for my 2 daughters, they have taught be so much. How to love, give, teach, cry and laugh. And mostly to chill out!!!

  • I love.....
    My girls
    My husband
    My mom
    Camping in RV's
    Fresh cut grass
    My daughters' artwork
    The beach
    Any and all mountain ranges
    The ocean
    Fresh seafood
    My husband's cologne
    To give
    To eat
    To sleep
    Coming home to a clean house

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  • Goodbye Jasmine :o(
    Hello Tiffany :o)

    We are sad to announce that our lovely Jasmine, Word Wizard, for our sister company Dynamite Weddings, has moved out of the area to pursue her chosen profession in the medical industry. Jasmine landed the job of her dreams at Riverside Medical Clinic where she will be training doctors on the new medical records software. We are so happy for Jasmine but so sad to see her go! Best of luck, Jazzy! We love you!

    On a happier note, we are thrilled to introduce, Tiffany Quinn, the newest member to Jen's fabulous team. Tiffany has seamlessly taken over writing TNT on Dynamite Weddings and we are so happy and blessed to have her on board! She is already doing an awesome job and making our lives easier! Welcome to the team, Tiffany!

    You can learn more about our wonderful new addition on the Team Page on our website.

  • The Memory Journalists Team

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