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  • Today's post continues last week's discussion about child care, more specifically in-home care. In-home caregivers provide care for children in the childs home. They include live-in and live-out nannies or au pairs. Parents with full-time careers and intense work schedules may find live-in help the only way to juggle work and childcare demands.

    -Parents believe they have greater control over their childs care.
    -Parents believe their children will be safer and more secure in their own home.
    -Having someone available in the home is convenient and flexible.
    -Accredited nannies often consider themselves professionals and take the job seriously.
    -Some nannies provide light housework (laundry, cleaning up, etc.)

    -A nanny is often the most expensive child care option. (However, if there are several children involved, it may not be significantly more expensive than other forms of care.)
    -There is no backup for child care if the nanny is sick or unavailable.
    -Its difficult to find highly qualified nannies.
    -Background checks are often limited to references from past employers.
    -Child misses out on socializing with other children.

    The International Nanny Association recommends that you interview any prospective hire at least twice and that you conduct a criminal background check (which is usually done by most placement agencies). Here are a list of questions to ask a potential nanny:
    -Why are you interested in working with young children?
    -Why did you leave your last job?
    -What is your discipline policy? (Perhaps offer "what if" scenarios.)
    -Are you trained in emergency first aid and CPR?
    -How will you provide new experiences to enhance my childs mental and physical development?
    -How would you handle toilet teaching?
    -How would you handle separation anxiety?
    -How often do you go on vacation or need time off?
    -What happens when you are sick and cannot care for my child(ren)?

    In-home care resources
    Capitol Park Nannies
    English Rose Nannies
    Great Au Pair
    Sitter City

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  • Be sure to check back next week because I will be going into more detail about child care facilities. And check out my previous tips for new working moms, including last week's post on guidelines to help you when choosing child care.

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  • Cake, cake, cake! Who can deny these illustrious tiers of sweets? They are a one of a kind, and there is no doubt it is a significant piece to your wedding. With so many flavors and creative designs to choose from, you'll eventually cut down to the perfect cake on your wedding day. Cakes have evolved into artistry, and this years trends are frosted with elaborate classics, modern textures, and vibrant, graduating colors. The essential part is scrumptious flavor, but detailed style and design will take over.

  • Classic designs like the hydrangea cake is always an option, and continue to remain popular. Its overall simplicity is glazed with neutral colors, but adding the vibrant hydrangea completes a beautiful, and elegant cake.

  • Wedding Cake Trends

  • With elegance, there's room for intricate textures. Ruffle wedding cakes are one of my favorites because of its modern appearance, and it makes quite a strong statement. It's utterly romantic, and just super creatively cool. The one below called the "Vera Ruffle," seemed like a reflection to Vera Wang's exquisite line of wedding dresses. I'd definitely hate to eat this cake.

    Photo Courtesy: Little Robin Cake Studio

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  • What I won't feel bad eating are Ombre cakes. Their colors together will WOW you, but will it taste like the rainbow? Ombre cakes are always a pretty scene with different graduating shades of color that will have you wanting to try a different slice.

  • Wedding Cake Trends

  • Just like the classic hydrangea, floral wedding cakes are always a hit. You can choose fresh flowers to decorate, but make sure they are pesticide-free blooms. Or, you can have your vendor create a cascade of colorful sugar flowers. Either way, the effects of sugar flowers will beautifully drape your cake just like any accent of fresh flowers.

    Photo Courtesy: Simply Registry

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  • Dogwood wedding cakes usually blossom in spring and summer weddings. They have a unique and intense look with branches and flowers. The intense branches can be toned down to give it a softer, and charming look.

    Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Style Weddings

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  • If you can't come to a decision, having a mixture of designs on your cake can be done. Damask wedding cakes are often a mix of ornate patterns, ribbons, flowers, hydrangea, and ombre. These are extremely gorgeous and dreamy cakes. For these special tiers, it's all in the details, but don't limit yourself and enjoy every bite of it. If you want it all, top it off with this exceptionally elegant piece.

    Photo Courtesy: Cakes Decor

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  • I hope you couples out there will do some extreme tastings, but if your event doesn't involve a cake, dont worry. There are dessert bars that can fulfill your needs just as much as a cake would! You can check out my other blog post on Wedding Dessert Bars, and pick out what will satisfy your craving. Happy Tasting!

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  • This week's balanced dinner idea included grilled cheese triangles, chicken noodle soup with Scrabble Cheese-It's on top (they got their initials!), cherry tomatoes, fresh sliced pears and a few left over Easter Jelly Beans for a treat. They loved every bite!!!!

    If you missed any installments of Teresa's column, be sure to read all of her family balanced meal ideas.

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  • Yoga mat sandals are definitely a unique style, but you wouldn't believe how comfortable they are until you've own a pair. My wonderful boss, Jennifer, introduced these stylish sandals to me while we were getting pedicures. They are made out of real yoga mats, and is lightweight with a two-way stretch knit sling. Its features don't include arch support, but promotes a more natural flexibility to strengthen the foot as mentioned on its description. Not only are they comfortable, and stylish, but extremely affordable at $36.00 a pair. Their different styles will go great with your summer wardrobe, or even when you're taking a stroll down the beach.

    Time to breathe in, breathe out, and plank into these awesome yoga mat sandals. Click on the link below to check out more options. Happy shopping!

    Photo Courtesy: Orthoticshop-Sanuk Yoga Mat Sling

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  • Finding the right child care environment for your child can be overwhelming. I know, for me, it was one of the most stressful things about going back to work. I had been home with Kylie every day, all day for 10 months and the thought of someone else being with her for a long period of time while I was at work hurt my heart. As a parent, I wanted to make sure my daughter was safe and happy while away from me and that the environment was fun, educational, and nurturing.

    Whether you are leaning more towards a formal child-care facility, family child care, or in-home care, here are a few tips to help you make this important decision:

    Start early. No matter what type of care you are considering, finding the right child care option can take some time. And many have limited spaces available or waiting lists. Start looking as far in advance as you can.

    Know your childs temperament, likes/dislikes, health, and age. For a baby under 12 months old, give careful attention to your childs need to be held, any special health needs, and the type of person you want to care for your child during the first year(s) of their life. For an older child, interaction with other children, developing play and learning styles, and need for individualized attention should be considered.

    Consider asking neighborhood parents or coworkers for recommendations.

    Give your child (and you!) time to adjust. Younger infants up to 7 months generally adapt quickly to caring adults; older infants may suffer from separation anxiety and need extra time and parental reassurance. Many toddlers and preschoolers go through adjustment periods that involve tears, pouting, and tantrums.

    Trust your gut. If something doesnt feel right, look for other options.
    Be open to change. If things arent working out with your current caregiver, you can always make a switch. Consistency is important for babies, but as long as they are happy and well taken care of, they will be just fine.

    The Child Care Aware website, provides many helpful tools for parents and families considering child care. Be sure to also read their guidelines for choosing child care.

    Another great resource is the California Department of Social Services. Here you can find links to facilities in your geographic area, things to consider when choosing child care, questions to ask potential caregivers, and other useful information.

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  • Be sure to check back over the next few weeks because I will be going into more detail about each child care option, advantages/disadvantages of each, and will provide helpful resources! And check out my previous tips for new working moms.

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