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  • Wouldn't it be nice just to get away for your wedding? You don't have to be lavish and over budget like Kim and Kanye's wedding (although you'd like to), but invest into a place where you and your guests can unwind. Forget the private jets, $125,000 wedding favors (each guest), or all white flower walls, all you need is the basics to fly out. Grab and go with these trending, destination hotspots that will keep your budget flowing nicely: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Fiji Islands, The Caribbean, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and Australia. A few of these places may cost you just a little more, but it cuts your guest list down to an intimate size with tropical paradise in front of you. Find out more on what, where, why, and how it's hot on The Knot, and say "I do."

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  • What's in your beach bag? The temperature is rising to triple digits, so it's time to getaway to the coast. Make sure you pack the essential items to keep you cool and relaxed while soaking up the sun. Check out my beach bag must haves below: Sunglasses are always a must, sandals for the beach, and an extra pair for roaming the pier, or boardwalk. Don't forget your swimsuit, along with a comfortable, and stylish maxi dress to change into. Or, you can always opt for shorts, and a tank. A beach hat is always nice to have when you're reading, or lying down. Beach towel, and bath towels. Lip balm, phone for music, and drink cooler. Last but not least, the most important item, sunscreen! Wherever you're going, enjoy the sands in your toes, and waves at your feet in style. Happy Friday, and Happy father's day weekend!

    Get these items here: Polyvore

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  • Looking for a good DJ? Your wedding won't be flowing until the music turns up, and lights are where they're supposed to be. Most DJ's nowadays control the lighting as well, so you don't have to run around looking for light fixtures! If you got good taste in music, this shouldn't be a difficult task. It's always a good idea to put a playlist together, too. It will help both you and the DJ, and get your guests out of their seats to boogie down. Or, you can leave it up to the guests to request songs, and dance the night away. Just like any other vendor, search for that special connection with a DJ. It's always important that they are reliable, and are able to carry their own equipment. They play a strong role by spinning those tracks, so make sure it's always appropriate for the right moment. Go DJ, go DJ, go!

    Check out some AWESOME DJ's we've worked with below.

    MR DJ Service
    Extreme Production DJ's
    Music in Motion

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  • Bomber jackets have become more popular than ever. It's not the usual insulated sheepskin, and genuine leather type, but mod versions with graphic prints, and lighter weight fabric. This versatile spring trend has flown through popular culture, and is still a hot topic for summer. It's another one of those grab and go garments, which can be incorporated as sporty, girly, or sophisticated. Your outfits of tank, shorts, midi's, skirts, or pants can be completed with the slip of a bomber. Get ready to fly high with this trend, and stay warm with it during the cool summer nights.

    Check out more of my top picks of Bomber Jackets on our Memory Journalists Pinterest page. Happy Monday!

    Photo Courtesy: Macy's

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  • Today's post is the final post of the child care series and focuses on family child care (also referred to as home child care). Family child care provides informal care in someone else's home and often the person looks after several children. Parents who use this kind of care believe that family, friends, or relatives will provide warmer, more loving care for the child and that the child will be more secure. Sometimes parents use family child care because their schedules, budgets or transportation issues limit their other child care options.

    -The child can play and interact with other children of mixed-age groups.
    -Family child care is usually the most affordable option.
    -Often the caregiver is flexible and will make special arrangements for the family's needs.
    -The parents and child(ren) are usually familiar with the caregiver, who is usually a relative or friend.
    -Because home daycares are at the caregiver's house and not a facility, your child(ren) will feel at more at home.

    -Few providers are formally licensed.
    -Many homes aren't regularly inspected.
    -It's hard to monitor the quality of care the child receives.
    -There is no substitute if the provider is sick or on vacation.

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  • That concludes the child care series! Check back next week for a tortilla casserole recipe that is a favorite for everyone in our family (and so easy to make!).

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