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  • Today's Wedding Photo Wednesday post is about the 3 different types of photographs that usually make up your wedding day photos. You can read our other Wedding Photo Wednesday Posts on our blog. One of the things we like to ask our clients is what attracted them to our photos. This helps us get to know our clients' style and what they want. Time and time again we hear that clients and potential clients love the natural, un-posed feeling of our photographs. We love to hear this of course as it is one of the things we strive for....photojournalistic photographs.

    In truth, we take a combination of 3 types of photographs at every wedding. The truly "photojournalistic" style photos, "posed group" photos and the "in between" style of photos. We love all 3 types of pictures and the combo of the 3 types is a must to tell a wedding day story in it's entirety.

    The first style, photojournalistic, is for those moments during the ceremony, toasts, first dances, etc. when we are like flies on the wall capturing those precious, candid moments. Like here with Stacy and Mark (December 2009) during their ceremony at SS Peter and Paul Church.

  • 3 Types of Photos

  • The posed group shots are an absolute must. Your wedding day is a day when lots of family have come together and you may not get too many chances to professionally photograph your loved ones together. Not to mention, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa will love having a photo of all of you together!

  • 3 Types of Photos

  • The "in between" photos or "posed candids" as we love to call them, are probably my favorite of the 3 types of photos. Inevitably when we put a camera in front of a client's face they ask, "what do we do?" We give a little input like, "put your hands on his face" or "it's o.k. to kiss her." Basically for the "in between" style of photos we are putting people together and taking photos of them interacting. If there is something we know will make the photo look even better, we ask our clients to do that. The result is very well-composed, natural looking photos.

  • 3 Types of Photos

  • I couldn't resist one more storyboard of Stacy and Mark and more examples of "posed candid" pictures. So beautiful!

  • 3 Types of Photos

  • Be sure your photographer gets all 3 types of photos of you, your honey and your clan on your wedding day.

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