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  • Last week we talked about the importance of using detail photos to creating storyboards. You can review our past Tuesday Tips on the blog. This week, we're going off track a bit...to talk about appreciation....that is appreciating life. If you wonder what could you possibly take photographs of - go for a walk - without a camera! It will give you a hundred new ideas for the next time you are with your camera.

    Today I went for a walk at high noon downtown Sacramento, several blocks, around the beautiful California Capitol and it's surrounding grounds, and onwards to several other blocks. And I'm not sure why but I found myself focusing on my senses. I had no camera in hand. I wanted to share my experience.

    My feet moved along the pavement. My pace quickened. After-all I walk with purpose, what other way is there to walk? to go through life?
    My iPod was playing, my ear-buds tight within in my ears to block out most noise, but I could still hear the sirens from the ambulance.
    I passed a group of Japanese girls using umbrellas as they walked. No wonder their skin is amazing. I smiled.

    I felt the sweat gathering between my watch and skin. My heart was beating.
    I found myself listening to the words of the songs I had played over and over previously, but discovering the lyrics seemed new to me.
    I passed a State building on Capitol Ave and saw a man and woman, holding hands, walking across the crosswalk. I smiled.

    The crosswalk light was often red. I looked both ways as I was taught as a child. I jay-walked while others waited for the light to turn. Why wait?
    I walked the internal sidewalks of the Capitol Park, not the ones on the exterior - that's where everyone else is. The birds chirping were so loud.
    I saw people sitting on benches - reading. On the grass - staring upwards. On a blanket having a picnic - lying down. I smiled.

    As I walked from the Park, down 14th, I peered down alleyways. I noticed restaurants I'd like to try with Cory.
    I walked by the Farmer's Market on P and 8th. I smelled the fruit, the veggies, and the flowers. I watched as buyers held perfect fruit in their hands.
    Friends walked together. Talking and laughing. Others were alone and watching, as I was. When we caught eyes, we smiled.

    The best things in life are unseen. Unnoticed. Sights, Sounds, Smells, Touch, Taste, and Feelings.


  • Since a post can't go without a picture, I'm showing the most recent addition to my artwork collection.

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