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  • This week our Wedding Photo Wednesday post is about having a unique wedding ceremony. You can check out our other Wednesday Posts on the blog.

    We all want our wedding day to be special. Well, one great way to do that is to have a unique ceremony. Or, simply have one special element in your wedding ceremony that hasn't been done to death. As photographers we love unique elements. They make the day special, meaningful and make for some great wedding photos.

    We are huge fans of couples writing their own vows. It always makes for an emotional ceremony and if we're filming, makes for a great wedding film.

    Christine and Rich wrote their own heartfelt vows and got the tears flowing during their ceremony! Including the bride's.

  • Unique Wedding Ceremony

  • We're loving the rose ceremony we've been seeing lately too. Christine and Rich each gave a single rose to their mothers. As you can see from the below storyboard, moms love it! It's a great way to show how special and important they are during your ceremony.

  • Unique Wedding Ceremony

  • But the coolest ceremony we've seen lately is the wine ceremony that Reverend Jeri Murphy performed during Sharon and Mike's wedding ceremony. It was the first time we had seen it and we loved it. Reverend Jeri poured a glass of red wine and the bride and groom each took a sip. She did the same with white wine. Then, she blended the red and white wine and the couple each took a sip of that too. Reverend Jeri explained that red wine is sweet and white wine is dry and like the final glass they were sipping from, marriage is a blend of both sweet times and dry times and couples have to be ready and willing for both. It was a very beautiful sentiment. We hope to see this in future ceremonies. I mean, what a great reason to drink wine during the ceremony!!

  • Unique Wedding Ceremony

  • Be sure to ask your officiant about unique elements you can add to your wedding ceremony.

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