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  • Last week we talked about using natural window lighting in your photographs. You can review our past Tuesday Photo Tips on the blog. This week, we're going to talk about high-key lighting, what it is, and how you can sometimes use natural window light in these high-key photos.

    According to Wikipedia, high-key lighting is a style of lighting that aims to reduce the lighting ratio. High-key lighting can be achieved through multiple light sources lighting a scene - usually using three light sources: left, right, and central. That is exactly the case in this first photo below. Two lights were placed behind our subject and were directed at the white backdrop to purposely give it that "blown out" white backdrop look. And then one light was used in front directed at our subject.

  • High-key Lighting Photo 1

  • The same was done in our 2nd example here, except in this case we didn't use a white backdrop.

  • High-key Lighting Photo 1

  • However, when at a wedding, we often aren't dragging all our studio lights around and just use what we have available to us. In this next high-key lighting example, we used natural light coming in from a window behind our bride. We purposely overexposed and used a flash as our front light source.

    Often times, you can get away with light sources you have around you. And using manual exposure allows you to play with settings and come up with high-key lighting photos. Give it a try!

    Next week, we'll talk about low-key lighting and show you some examples.

  • High-key Lighting Photo 1

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