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  • This week's Wedding Photo Wednesday Post is about photography style and what you want out of your wedding photos. You can read our other Wedding Photo Wednesday Posts on our blog.

    There are many amazing wedding photographers to choose from these days. One of the deciding factors for you and your fiance should be the photographer's style. Their style should match up with how you want your wedding day photographs to look. When I refer to style I'm not talking about whether your photographer shops at JCrew or not. I'm talking about the style of the photographs and the actions they may use in post processing that make photographs look a certain way.

    For example, there are many actions that can be done in post processing that make photos look old, black and white, or super stylized. When you are looking for photographers, you will know which style you like when you browse through photos. Some photographers shoot in the high fashion style that looks straight out of a magazine. Some photographers give photos that lovely vintage-y feel. Some don't do much in post processing and their photos still look amazing. It is just a matter of what you like and what speaks to you style wise.

    As you know, our style at The Memory Journalists is a natural but vibrant style. We try to find the most color we can and compose our photos around those vivid colors. We love bright colors and while we do pump them up just a bit sometimes in post, we generally process our clients' photos to look the way they remember their day.

  • Photography actions and trends

  • That's not to say we don't occasionally throw in some cool artistic touches....

  • Photographer Style and actions

  • Or an old-fashioned looking photo now and then.

  • Photographer style and actions

  • Again, it is all about the match. You will want to choose a photographer whose photos are in the style you want your wedding day photos. Happy hunting!

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