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  • This week on our Photo Tip Tuesday we are going to answer the question "Do you have to look at the camera to get a good photo?" You can review all our past Tuesday Photo Tips on the blog.

    Why is it that often our wedding couples fall in love with the images taken by our 2nd shooters when they aren't looking at the camera? I believe that these "not looking at the camera" photos seem more photo-journalistic and more candid. I often love these photos more myself. Let me show you a few examples from our shoots within the last week.

    In this first photo, Mike and Nicole are sharing a laughing moment without feeling the need to the look at the camera. Not looking at the camera allows people to be more relaxed and themselves. We all hate to say "cheese" and a good photographer will allow you to be yourself without ever making you feel like "cheese". Hence the importance of getting to know our our couples and families and having them feel comfortable being themselves.

  • Not looking at the camera

  • In this next example, Josh and Karol are sharing a private moment far away from the camera. While to some extent this was directed by us, i.e. having them stop along the path where this log was, what showcases how natural this moment feels is their stance and their relaxed embrace.

  • not looking at the camera

  • And this last example (while also a great example of wonderful bokeh), Aiden is not looking at the camera. This might just be one of my favorite photos from our time together last night.

    There is absolutely no need to look at the camera to get good photos! That said, we do realize that some "look at the camera" photos are expected which is why we mix up our style of traditional posed photos with those purely candid photos. It's really a great blend of styles.

  • not looking at the camera

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