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  • This week on our Photo Tip Tuesday we are going to talk about using flash (as fill light) during the day in the sunlight. You can review all our past Tuesday Photo Tips on the blog.

    Less than two weeks ago, Kelly and I headed up to Tahoe to photograph Josh and Karol's wedding. Their small ceremony was set on an overlook in Emerald Bay at 1pm. 1pm is a bit rough as the sun is pretty harsh, so we often look for whatever open shade we can find. However with the ceremony location being on an open overlook, with no shade a photographer must improvise. With the crazy weather that we've been having, we didn't know what to expect, rain, snow, or sun. As it turned out it was cloudy and sunny. Not my first choice of ideal situations for photographers shooting on manual mode - as it makes us have to drastically change our settings from one shot to the next. Luckily for us, Josh and Karol decided to see each other beforehand so we could take a bit more time with their portraits.

    This was a great day to be able to showcase why you often need and can use flash for purposes of fill light during high noon harsh sunlight, and even as the clouds blew through so quickly to change back and forth from sunlight to cloudy.

    In this first series, you can see on the left how we tried to position Karol away from looking at the direct sunlight so she wouldn't squint. However, it created great shadows in her face. Using both fill flash and a gold reflector we created a much warmer looking photo on the right.

  • using fill flash in sunlight outdoors

  • Here's another similar series where in the top no fill flash was used, and in the bottom photo it was used. You can see what a wonderful difference it can make and still allow couples to choose their location without worry of what quality photos they will get.

    Thanks Karol and Josh for letting me use you two for Photo Tip Tuesday! Betcha didn't know I had this in mind as we photographed your wedding day!

  • using fill flash in sunlight outdoors

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