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  • I need to seriously follow my own advice on today's tip! You can check out our other Health and Wellness tips on the blog.

    Would you say that you get enough sleep? If you answered yes, how about these questions: Do you wake up feeling refreshed? Do you drink lots of coffee to get you through the day? Most adults (including myself!) don't get enough sleep as they should. The recommended amount is 7-9 hours. We all have busy lives and it can be a challenge to fit work and chores and every to-do into our day and still make time for sleep, but the truth is that we have to put sleep first. Without doing this, we may unintentionally cause the following:

    * Weight gain
    * Worsened immune system
    * Increased risk of depression and anxiety
    * Increased risk of heart disease and cancer

  • Getting enough sleep

  • The great news is that it's so easy to turn this bad habit around. I know it can be tempting to squeeze that last bit of work in or read just a few more chapters of a riveting book, but by putting sleep first, you will be able to accomplish much more the next day. Here are some tips to start making sleep a priority:

    * Just turn the light off (sounds so simple, but it's not!)
    * Set a bedtime and stick to it
    * Avoid electronics before bed (TV, computer, phone, etc.). The light stimulates your senses. Instead, do something relaxing like meditation or taking a warm bath.
    * Exercise regularly to relieve stress and tension
    * Avoid caffeine 8 hours before bedtime

    For any of you pregnant women out there, good sleep can be an extra challenge. My nights became much more peaceful once I finally invested in a body pillow. You can position them in a number of ways, and I found that simply laying on my side, hugging the pillow through the night did the trick.

    Today's post is one that I'm continuing to work on in my life. I'm a night owl and find every reason I can to stay up just a little later. If you have additional tips, please share!

    Please note: Kirsten Corcoran is not a health and wellness expert by trade but as a beauty product and health and wellness junky of 10+ years, has much information to share on these topics!

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