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  • Talk about the best pizza in Sacramento! Trick Pony is still slowly buzzing around, but the reviews have been exceptional so far. When I heard that the popular Tuli Bistro closed down, there was probably going to be another restaurant filling in the corner of S and 21st St. In a matter of time, Trick Pony became pizza heaven just a few blocks down from me. They create Neapolitan, wood-fired pizza, along with authentic Italian pastas, and salads. And as I enter to have my first experience, I thought I'd share it with everyone because quality restaurants like this one deserves attention.

    The moment me, my daughter, and boyfriend walk in, we saw the chefs stretching, and preparing the dough. You'd definitely get a front row seat on the right side of the bar- that's where the grill is. Their kitchen looked clean, and simple with fresh ingredients tucked away until needed. We sat at the bar, and watched those hot pizzas come to life, while salivating as we await for ours. They have a daily menu, but it does change from time to time. Our waiter suggested a white tuna pizza, and we just added on a Margherita, and pepperoni. I know what you're thinking, "Wow! 3 pizzas?" We thought the same, too, but when we discovered their sizes, it wasn't so bad.

    Our pizzas went from doughy, to hot, fresh, delectable pies. They also serve their pizzas with two dipping sauces-pesto, and a spicy red sauce. Oh my, you could just smell and taste the freshness of these pizzas. We slowly took a bite into each piece, and the dough and ingredients were super delicious. We were completely satisfied, and didn't go home hungry, which is the most important thing when trying out new places because you can never be too sure. It's either a hit or miss you know. And this place hit us in all the right spots. They provide excellent service, are polite, and I hope they stick around for a long while. By far,
    Trick Pony Pizza has the best pizza in Sacramento! Go support, and check them out now. Keep Sacramento alive with great restaurants on the rise!

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