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  • How do you agree on a honeymoon if you want different things? You want to snorkel and jet ski and he wants to camp out. Let's face it, today's bride isn't shy about making it all about her on the wedding day, but when it comes to the honeymoon, does your man have any input, or are you dictating whether you swim in the big blue ocean or hike to the top of Mount Everest?

  • Honeymoon- His Choice, or Hers? How do you agree on a honeymoon if you want different things?

  • A honeymoon is often the only vacation many couples take together because once kids are in the picture, it's difficult for some couples to find time for a romantic rendezvous. Or, if you're a couple always on the go, you may find it difficult to find a honeymoon destination that's unique and special.

    Many couples find they're polar opposites when it comes to what they want out of their honeymoon vacation. Some guys want hiking and lots of sun and sports while their brides just want to relax and soak up the sun, or vice versa!

    Believe it or not, there are ways to make sure both of you get what you want out of your honeymoon, but you have to be willing to compromise a bit. For instance, if the two of you go on a cruise, you will probably be docking at various ports. During the time you're docked, you and your new husband can participate in the activities offered by the locals, such as hiking tours or extreme sports. While the ship is at sea, he can agree to lounge by the pool with you or enjoy the fine dining that makes your honeymoon romantic.

    Even if you're honeymooning in the snow-frosted mountains, it's possible for one of you to participate in the activities while the other relaxes. Or, take turns doing what the other person wants.

    Marriage is all about compromise. The world is too big for any couple to disagree about where to honeymoon. Out of all of the exotic and affordable places on earth, you're bound to find at least one spot that offers something both of you want to experience. If you can't figure it out yourself, find a travel agent who isn't pushy and who will listen to each of your needs and then create the perfect honeymoon package that excites both of you.

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