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  • For the love of photography and over 11 years in business, The Memory Journalists are extremely excited to launch our first product - The MJ Selfie Pro - the best selfie stick on the market!

    You may have a love and hate relationship for selfie sticks, or even selfies for that matter, but we've rounded up and tested over 30 different kinds of selfie sticks, and believe us, this is the best model out there.

  • Best Selfie Stick

  • Whether it's for your kids, traveling, pets, or simply for yourself, we love this product for its ease, and flexibility when capturing memories. We all know the selfie craze is here to stay for a while, so join in the fun. Take a selfie! The Memory Journalists want to help you save your memories at more than just birthdays and weddings.

    To prove that it's not just another narcissistic tool, here's what our customers are raving about:

    "This is the best selfie stick I've ever used. Feels solid and made of hi-quality,durable materials" - Richard A.

    "This is by far the smallest selfie stick I've used so far. I often go to events and I can fit this selfie stick in my purse." - Heather J.

    "While traveling to great places, I've always had to ask strangers to take my photo. Not any more! This is the best tool to carry now everywhere I travel." -Kelly H.

    We'd love your support in any way! Read more about The Memory Journalists Selfie Stick and buy yours today!

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