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  • I think I flew from San Diego to Seattle on my own creative and emotional high - just kiddin' - I flew in a plane. :-) But seriously, timing couldn't have been more perfect when Me Ra Koh announced her two day advanced workshop. Since I was already planning to be out of the office, I couldn't resist. Me Ra is a personal inspiration to me, as well as to many other women out there, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her, her husband Brian, and the 20 other workshop attendees. You really need to read about Me Ra - and I'd be happy to loan out my copy of her book to anyone interested - just email me and I'll drop it in the mail to you.

    Me Ra and Brian shoot together as a team, much like Cory and I do. It was amazing to hear and see how they work together and how their two distinct styles blend so well together. I rely on Cory the same way Me Ra relies on Brian. I know Cory will get that perfect shot. Cory and Brian both tend to zoom right in and get the emotional (caught off guard) images that we all love. I have so much I could share with you about this workshop (and I plan to post other attendee websites soon) but I'll end my tired evening with these few images that I captured of Me Ra and Brian in action during the workshop. It was my honor to capture the workshop in action for Me Ra and Brian - I can't wait to see you both again soon!Me Ra Koh WorkshopMe Ra Koh Workshop2Me Ra Koh Workshop3Me Ra Koh Workshop4

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