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  • I've been tagged...by Bree. If you haven't seen this going around...once you've been tagged you have to write 10 random, odd, unknown tidbits, habits, or goals about yourself. And the end, you tag others - listing their names and why you chose them. You can't tag the person who tagged you! Since you can't tag me back, let me know when you've posted your 10 oddities so I can read your answers!
    1. I had a goal to be published (not photos, but a story written by me) by the age of 35. I met this goal. I actually envisioned myself a writer, not a photographer...funny how that worked out!
    2. I have a clown collection on the shelves in my office. Keeps Cory out!
    3. I ran hurdles in track in high school. Hence the bad knees.
    4. I played clarinet for about 8 years and traveled around to compete.
    5. I sang Journey's "Open Arms" for a talent contest. (yes, I've also sang at weddings).
    6. I drink my coffee hard-core black.
    7. I love books, the smell of books, the way they crack when you open them for the first time. I've reigned in my "problem" over the last few years - mostly due to lack of time to read. :-( I have a whole wall devoted to books in my office.
    8. I was a tom boy growing up. Well kind of: I played sports, refused to take home-ec (I can't sew on a button), I didn't babysit very much, I hung with my dad during football and basketball season, I learned to cook only after I left home, and all my sisters can "make" things - however I was a cheerleader and on the dance team (I say it was the competitive enthusiast in me!) - so that made me kind of girly.
    9. I'm a computer and math geek - well I try not to be now as I hate computers for the most part. (My masters Computer Science thesis was about Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes - don't ask - I was an artificial intelligence major with mathematics and psychology minors).
    10. I have the habit of making the bed at night before I get in it. It's a princess and the pea sort of thing...I guess. I need neat sheets.
    Oh....a I have an obsession with my water pick and brushing my teeth - it's a "wearing braces" leftover (good) habit.

    I am tagging - those that I know have blogs:

    Julie Watts - we need to stay in better touch - we should plan a visit!
    Sarah Maren Whitehead- I love your quirks so please share
    Penny Sylvia - because you call at 8:45am consistently and offer words of wisdom
    Jessica Wernes - you capture the best eyes of any photographer I've had the pleasure of meeting recently (and we need to stay in better touch)
    Teresa - I want to know the unknown
    Donna - cause I want you to make me cakes to photograph :-) and eat
    John Vu (Profinish Design) - I want to hear from a man about his secrets
    Allison Stahl- Cause I'm a secret blog stalker of her blog

    It's late - so I'm sure I'll think of more to tag tomorrow.

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