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  • So I'm totally stealing this idea from Bree's blog (she stole it from Firegirl's blog). Brad Paisley has a song titled the above. It's about a letter he wrote to his seventeen year old self.

    I thought about that a little. I loved school. I loved learning. Still do. School was easy for me...mostly since I loved it so much. I wasn't a jock, I wasn't a geek, I didn't belong to any one click. I pretty much could find something to relate to in anybody. I didn't judge (much) - not sure how that happened - just was in my nature. So I could "belong" to any group but never really belonged to any group. Does that make sense?

    My older sister was the black sheep (so to speak) so as the middle child I acted like the eldest. I was the designated driver to Senior parties and my parents trusted me when I called and said I wouldn't make it home until 1am. Looking back now, I think I was a bit older than my years. I was responsible. I worked. I got good grades. I knew I was going to college...why?....just because it was the expected thing to do.

    I'm going to twist this "if I could write a letter (at seventeen)" into if I could write a letter today to me in the past, as I think for me, turning 30 was more pivotal that being seventeen. I think everyone has a "turning point" in their life (maybe more than one) and I don't really think I crossed my first one until I was older. If I had this advice during the past several years, I think it would have been comforting at the time. If I could write a letter to me, I would say:

    The hardest thing you will ever do will be to end a long relationship, hurting someone in the process, but it's the right thing to do. It's for all the right reasons.

    You will not die of cancer - but it will scare the crap out of you and make you wake up and realize that you should live life as if every day was your last.

    Your body is a temple. Treat it as a precious commodity. Lather lotion on it everyday. Use sunscreen. Running high hurdles in track will be tough on your knees as you get older.

    The sayings "treat others as you want to be treated" and "don't go to bed angry at those you love" that your mom grilled into you as a kid...will become part of yourself. Embrace them early on in life.

    Everything happens for a reason. Even when life treats you ratty - it's a wake up call of somesort. Figure it out.

    Cherish loyal friends such as Kerry. They will be few and far between.

    You real friends will shake you when you need it. Listen to Linda. Absorb their advice.

    Drive fast...why not! It's only a speeding ticket...and it feels really good.

    What would you write?

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