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  • The last few years we've done a year end review post and this year is no different...except it's getting harder and harder to pick pictures. :-) I'm super stoked to report that my goal was to blog post at least once a day this year..on average anyway...and we've done it! Almost 400 blog posts in 2009. I know we don't post just work related posts...on purpose. We want to post the quirky tidbits and the special moments in our personal lives. As readers, we hope you get a glimpse into our lives, personalities, and our style.

    We've had a great team this year with some surprise help too, such as my friend Jenny - who sadly moved away just after we shot a few engagement sessions together. And we've hired some great new office staff this year - Carie is the bomb! And we launched our new look with our new website.

    I thought I'd do something a bit different this year and tell you why I love our clients so much. And, why they become our friends. We don't shoot a ton of weddings every year, rather we try to connect with those who exemplify and share in my passion for life....and living. My clients are the best and I love them all.

    Jessie and Brian hold a very dear place in my heart. Jessie is such a 'tell it like it is girl' and Brian just adores her. Every email I've ever received from Jessie has been full of excitement. Jessie was diagnosed with terminal cancer - but chose to ignore deaths' knock. And the love they feel for life shows in every photo we took of this couple...and you may recognize them as we have made them our 2009/2010 ad models!

    I appreciate that my clients, such as Stephani, let me know they are thinking of me and making sure I'm okay when they read about my mom being in the hospital.

    When I first met Marites and Gil I knew we were meant to become friends. Gil's chosen theme for their wedding was "Passion for Love. Passion for Life." Gil and Marites had the best reception of 2009...with their choreographed first dance that had the guests cheering....until Tyler sang Pretty Woman to Larissa. Tyler and Larissa are so full of life! Now there is a tie for the "best reception of 2009."

    I won't go into every couple and every wedding, but every one of our clients has a special place in my heart. We connect on colors, on shoes, on food (yes, I'm a firm believer in eating!), on music, and mostly we connect about life. I hope what you see in our year end review is what defines our style. I tried very hard not to select detail shots, although we love them, because it's the people that matter most. You will see quiet moments with loving looks, you will see some sexy moments, but mostly you will see a lot, and I mean A LOT of laughter. And of course, you'll see some of my favorites of the year. Waiting for these special moments...to capture these special moments...it's so vibrantly full of life.

    All our clients are beautiful - inside and out. Thanks for making 2009 such a remarkably wonderful year!

    Please click the below image of Jessie and Brian, to start the Year End slideshow. Enjoy! Please be patient as it loads.

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