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    Hello there! My name is Mai and I am grateful to be a part of the Memory Journalists team. I graduated from The Art Institute of San Francisco, majoring in fashion design. I love and appreciate all aspects of art. I believe it creates a diverse culture around all of us, no matter where youre from. Seeing all kinds of artists and creativity inspires and motivates me. Besides making my designs into reality, I enjoy all types of foods, love jogging, and am always looking for something new to do. Im always on the GO!

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  • "Why not choose a destination wedding?" should be the question. Destination weddings are becoming so popular that planning one is almost a no-brainer. You get a picture-book wedding setting and a vacation to boot- and your guests will love it!

    Below are the top five reasons that you should consider planning a get-away wedding.

  • 1. You get to leave all your "cares" at home and leave the details to others.

    Whether you choose an island wedding, European sojourn, "rough it in the wild" safari in Africa or a dream cruise on a luxury ship, you'll find staff ready and waiting to cater to your every want and need.

    What better way to begin your new life than on a relaxed note? Your work or anything that might cause stress will be out of sight and out of mind with a destination wedding.

    2. A destination wedding will give you more for your money.

    You might think that traveling to an exotic location to get married would break the budget you painstakingly created for your wedding. Contrary to that belief, a destination wedding can actually be less of a strain on your pocketbook.

    Packages are readily available that come with everything included- air fare, transportation needs, discounts for larger parties, etc. Consider that in many locations, everything you need (such as flowers and music) is localized to make your destination wedding simple.

    3. You'll get to choose the background and activities that appeal to you, as a couple.

    The picture-book setting of a Hawaiian beach is the perfect background for your destination wedding if you're dreaming of getting married barefoot on the beach with orchids in your hair. The photos will be stunning.

    But if the beach isn't your bag, a European wedding in a castle can fulfill daydreams of Romeo and Juliett or King Arthur and his love, Gwenaviere.

    4. You get to choose the weather for your special day!

    It's true that most couples think of warm weather for saying their faraway vows with a destination wedding. But you might have other ideas, like snow and skiing. By doing a little research, you can make your dream weather come true.

    5. Thinking of a theme? A destination wedding can be a change from the traditional wedding ritual.

    Many couples are considering a theme wedding rather than the tired old rituals held in a church. An island destination wedding will go over much better in Jamaica or Hawaii than Portland, Maine.

    Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland theme and you live in Florida? Switzerland or Norway can fill the bill in a way that will get you in the mood more than 90-degree weather could.

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  • For the love of photography and over 11 years in business, The Memory Journalists are extremely excited to launch our first product - The MJ Selfie Pro - the best selfie stick on the market!

    You may have a love and hate relationship for selfie sticks, or even selfies for that matter, but we've rounded up and tested over 30 different kinds of selfie sticks, and believe us, this is the best model out there.

  • Best Selfie Stick

  • Whether it's for your kids, traveling, pets, or simply for yourself, we love this product for its ease, and flexibility when capturing memories. We all know the selfie craze is here to stay for a while, so join in the fun. Take a selfie! The Memory Journalists want to help you save your memories at more than just birthdays and weddings.

    To prove that it's not just another narcissistic tool, here's what our customers are raving about:

    "This is the best selfie stick I've ever used. Feels solid and made of hi-quality,durable materials" - Richard A.

    "This is by far the smallest selfie stick I've used so far. I often go to events and I can fit this selfie stick in my purse." - Heather J.

    "While traveling to great places, I've always had to ask strangers to take my photo. Not any more! This is the best tool to carry now everywhere I travel." -Kelly H.

    We'd love your support in any way! Read more about The Memory Journalists Selfie Stick and buy yours today!

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  • How do you agree on a honeymoon if you want different things? You want to snorkel and jet ski and he wants to camp out. Let's face it, today's bride isn't shy about making it all about her on the wedding day, but when it comes to the honeymoon, does your man have any input, or are you dictating whether you swim in the big blue ocean or hike to the top of Mount Everest?

  • Honeymoon- His Choice, or Hers? How do you agree on a honeymoon if you want different things?

  • A honeymoon is often the only vacation many couples take together because once kids are in the picture, it's difficult for some couples to find time for a romantic rendezvous. Or, if you're a couple always on the go, you may find it difficult to find a honeymoon destination that's unique and special.

    Many couples find they're polar opposites when it comes to what they want out of their honeymoon vacation. Some guys want hiking and lots of sun and sports while their brides just want to relax and soak up the sun, or vice versa!

    Believe it or not, there are ways to make sure both of you get what you want out of your honeymoon, but you have to be willing to compromise a bit. For instance, if the two of you go on a cruise, you will probably be docking at various ports. During the time you're docked, you and your new husband can participate in the activities offered by the locals, such as hiking tours or extreme sports. While the ship is at sea, he can agree to lounge by the pool with you or enjoy the fine dining that makes your honeymoon romantic.

    Even if you're honeymooning in the snow-frosted mountains, it's possible for one of you to participate in the activities while the other relaxes. Or, take turns doing what the other person wants.

    Marriage is all about compromise. The world is too big for any couple to disagree about where to honeymoon. Out of all of the exotic and affordable places on earth, you're bound to find at least one spot that offers something both of you want to experience. If you can't figure it out yourself, find a travel agent who isn't pushy and who will listen to each of your needs and then create the perfect honeymoon package that excites both of you.

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  • Not all couples have surprise engagements. In today's world, there are many women who prefer to dictate exactly what kind of engagement and wedding ring they want their beau to purchase for them.

    What's worse is that many women are catty. Some women blatantly tell their husbands-to-be that the only requirement they have for their wedding ring is that it's bigger than so-and-so's ring.

  • Do you suffer from wedding ring envy? See what type of woman you are when it comes to your engagement/wedding ring.

  • Most brides aren't even concerned about the quality of the diamond- size matters most and they're hoping to blind the entire sea of guests with their sparkling wedding ring. Not every bride cares about size and cost. Some care more about sentimental value.

    One bride was disappointed that her fiancé had proposed without yet buying her a wedding ring. He assumed she'd want to pick it out herself, and he was saving the money to do it right. But she told him that she'd be happy with a Cheerio on her finger.

    Then there are the women who demand that their wedding ring cost more than a car and be bigger than two carats. If not, they say, "don't even bother proposing." Which kind of woman are you?

    Let's clarify something. No one is saying you should be pleased with a piece of cereal on your ring finger. But there's more to your wedding ring selection than size. Some brides don't want diamonds, but if you do, make sure the quality of the diamond is adequate.

    Try on several options and ask about the possibility that you'll be allergic to the materials the wedding ring is made out of. It'd be a shame to wear your $10,000 Platinum band only to find it has a hint of nickel in it and it's giving you a rash!

    Try not to think of your wedding ring purchase as an "I want to outdo her ring" situation. There will always be someone who has a bigger, more sparkly diamond than yours. A wedding ring is a sentimental and financial investment you're making for your future. If the wedding ring is passed down as an heirloom to your children and grandchildren, you want them to know you and your groom spent your money wisely.

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  • Every couple wants a perfect wedding-it's a once in a lifetime dream come true. Before that happens though, the reality reminds us that preparation is usually the most stressful for not only the bride and the groom but also the entire family. That is why for every couple who plans to wed, there ís one essential concept they should know-wedding tools.

    Wedding tools is a mechanism that alleviates stress, an inevitable part of the planning. It may come in various ways depending on the kind of wedding one wants to have. This may include wedding checklist, gowns, groom's needs, invitation, photography, and honeymoon.

  • Wedding tools is a mechanism that alleviates stress, an inevitable part of the planning.

  • Fundamental for any planning is the checklist. A wedding checklist is like note taking of important details. It is very useful for organization and reminder.

    The wedding checklist consists of specific items, date, time, and place. It ranges from all the needed materials like decorations, party rentals, food, events to be organized, music to be played, and so on. The checklist makes sure you will accomplish every little detail of the wedding. Apparently, this is not a once-seating feat. The list will surely lengthen as you go.

    The next tool is the gown. This is the most fantasized about in the entire event. For most women, choosing their gowns is as much vital as the wedding itself.

    Indeed, it is necessary for the gown to match the over-all tone of the wedding but this should not restrict the bride in fusing her own creativity and style. A heavy-beaded gown go with a formal cathedral wedding for example. On the other hand, a length-train gown does not fit a beach setting.

    The needs of the groom are also part of the excitement. Aside from the suit he will be wearing are the roles and expectations he should take during the wedding planning. For some ceremonies, grooms write their speeches. Sometimes, since the women mostly do the preparations on the rest of the wedding, the men plan the honeymoon.

    The wedding can only be as fun as one can imagine because of the witnesses. Vital, therefore, is the creation of the guest list. It serves two purposes-making sure significant people in your lives are present while at the same time keeping your budget. Space of the place is also a consideration in doing the wedding guest list. Be sure the people invited fit the space.

    Because photos immortalize moments, this is another important consideration in the planning. The photographer, preserving photos, and saving money are just some of the essential matters to be taken into account.

    Lastly, a honeymoon right after the wedding is planned way ahead. Honeymoons are part of the traditional wedding which has been modified as time passed by. Before, honeymoons were kept secret from the bride.

    Preparations might be a real pain but when the wedding runs the way you wished it would be, it is going to be a priceless satisfaction. Remember to have fun with it, and you'll be less stressed!

    Need ideas to start planning your wedding? Check out our Wedding Boards on our Memory Journalists Pinterest page.

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