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    I sat at a restaurant and took out my Journal as I waited for my glass of wine and pizza to arrive. I had this habit of carrying a small notebook so I could jot down my thoughts and whims as the moment struck me. This particular evening I had planned to write out my answer to the question "What would I do if I won the lottery?"

    It started out plain enough: pay off bills, take care of my parents, travel the world. But as money was no object, and after I bought every pair of shoes imaginable, my responses grew more thoughtful and introspective. In the end, my last line was "Teach others about the passion of life."

    Due to my love of writing, at first I thought I was meant to write passionate stories and soulful wisdom. Shortly thereafter my boyfriend Cory (husband now) bought me a new camera for Christmas. I've loved creating photographs since I was young and owned several cameras already, but getting a new one inspired me to take a leap. From that day forward, I realized that I could show others everyday passion by journalizing their memories through photographs. And so it began...The Memory Journalists.

    ~ Jennifer, Fall 2002

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