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    I'm an abnormality or is it an anomaly? Either way, I'm kind of strange. I am blessed to be both left and right brained - an odd combo of creativity and analytical thinking....I call it anally creative! Growing up I sang, danced, took photography classes, entered drawing competitions, read as many books as I could, and wrote poems and short stories. But I also loved math and science! Well rounded? or just small town girl looking for things to do! In college, I studied Computer Science and Mathematics, but my love of the creative arts didn't die.

    Life just needed to remind me what I was passionate about - bad grammar is okay when you know you're breaking the rule, i.e. ending a sentence with a preposition. My reminder came in 2001 in the form of cancer, followed by a nasty car accident. It took me a year to figure it out, but The Memory Journalists was my answer.

    FUN FACTS: I loves shoes! And I subscribe to too many magazines.

    I have a thing for photographing old churches and tombstones.

    Why the humming bird? I tend to strongly flutter from one place (task) to the next. I'm a huge optimist and believer in live and let live. Humming birds are "stoppers of time" and messengers. Which I think easily translates into the photographs we capture.
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