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    Hi there, I'm Isabel. I took my first photography class in 2003 and loved the fact that I was capturing something that didn't exist before. Essentially every photograph I have created wouldn't exist if I hadn't taken it. That simple fact makes my heart happy. I fell even more in love with photography after getting my first digital camera in 2005, yes it was a point and shoot Nikon, but I was fascinated with the different images I could create and see right away on the screen. Got to love the instant gratification digital technology gives you. It was made clear to me I was going to become a professional photographer after purchasing my first DSLR the Nikon D40, who I refer to as my first love,(other then the hubby of course). Life hasn't been the same since. I no longer have my sweet D40, but I will always have a sweet spot for it in my heart.

    FUN FACTS: I love to hug, so if I ever meet you I will hug you.

    I love finding awesome, easy recipes on pinterest!! Its an addiction really.

    I love my sweet chihuahua Bruiser, which of course is named after Elle Woods furry friend from Legally Blonde. I was a bit obsessed with the movie. read more

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