• Teresa

  • Teresa: photographer

    Teresa has been training in the style of the Memory Journalists, side by side with Jennifer and Cory since early 2007.

    Teresa has a flair for creating art of all types - including her own custom designs that she hangs on the walls of her home. She enjoys creating custom hair accessories and has many displayed in hair salons in the Roseville area.

    Teresa has a gift for theme planning and making all the details come together with that smashing wow factor we all want to achieve. You should see the parties she throws!

    FUN FACTS: She has a large collection of Cupcake Memorabilia and a unique collection of antique cameras that adorn the shelves in her home.

    Why the monkey? "Our family has an affection for monkeys that started with Dan's grandfather. It was his term of endearment for things he was fond of his grandchildren, the family pets, or something cute he'd observe. He'd tell his grandkids "Look over there at that monkey." It didn't matter if it was a baby or a cat. They knew he was fond of it if he referred to it as "monkey". It carried on with Dan calling our children monkey. Their bathroom is done in monkeys and we collect monkeys for our nephew, Jaiden now too!"
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